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Summer Daycare now available! 
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Spring is upon us and we are prepared to care for your furry loved ones!

Cozy Little Kennel is a State Certified (PACFA) dog boarding facility. Family owned and operated in the Silt Mesa area, tucked off the main road, and nestled in a lush country setting. It provides a clean warm cozy atmosphere.  Dogs can socialize, play, have a safe place to sleep. With a fun structured schedule for the dogs; providing a lot of playtime together in the yard as a group several times per day.  When it is too cold out we have a spacious indoor room with room to roam. The dogs enjoy sharing a large heated room with individual pens within view of eachother, so the dogs never feel alone. The dogs get enough exercise and play that sleep is what they do while in the kennel, making their stay a breeze. All dogs love being here and are excited when they return!


Requirements for admittance to help provide a clean, healthy,​
and safe place as possible, while keeping all the fun is listed below:       

  • Up-to-date vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella
  • ​No unspayed females of any age
  • No intact males that are aggressively dominate and  mean to other dogs
  • Absolutely no dogs that have viciously attacked another dog or human
  • Must provide your dog's own food, if using our food you will be charged a daily fee 
  • Provide your dog's own clean bedding 
  • No dirty beds allowed 
  • Completed online profile (part of reservation process)

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